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Steeped In History

At Oliver Construction, our team has been serving the coastal communities of South Jersey for over nine decades. Our rich legacy traces back to 1928 when Newell Oliver and his brother started our family construction business. For nearly a century we've been a part of building some of the most luxurious residential spaces in Cape May County and the surrounding coastal communities. Our continued tradition of excellence and quality is upheld today by 3rd generation craftsman, Scott Oliver, who in 1978 took over the organization. We are dedicated to creating the perfect home for your family, providing the highest level of craftsmanship and service.

Built To Last

Homes along the Southern Coast of New Jersey must be built to withstand one of the harshest climate fluctuations around. From corrosive salt air, high water tables and coastal flooding, to freezing temperatures, cold winters, scorching summers and high humidity; our environment is unique and challenging. Our team has spent almost a century learning and adapting to this harsh environment. We understand the quality of materials required to build a house that can and will last for generations.

Beautiful finishings and top-quality features are a mainstay in our homes, but it's what you can't see when the build is complete that makes our homes stand the test of time. We take old world techniques and combine them with new technology to ensure your home is built to last. Unlike most builder's, who use plywood on their shear walls, our team utilizes tongue and groove yellow pine roofers diagonally sheathed on all of our shear walls to create the most stable wall you can have. Whenever pilings are needed we hire a professional vibration monitoring team to protect your neighbors homes and give you peace of mind. We utilize high quality stainless steel Simpson fasteners and hurricane ties for your homes extended protection. All of our exterior railings have hidden fasteners, reducing corrosion risk and extending the longevity of your railings. This attention to the details you can't see allows our customers the ability to truly relax and enjoy the incredible features they can see in their home. 

There are thousands of decisions to make when building a custom home. It can become overwhelming, especially before you can walk through the space. Our experienced team will guide you through each decision, creating renderings of each space so that you can see how your choices impact your design goals. We'll join you in vendor meetings to make sure the products you select work in harmony with your overall design goal. While no build is stress-free, we strive to make the process as easy and smooth as possible for each of our homeowners.

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