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Our Process

At Oliver Construction, we are passionate about bringing your dream home to life through our design + build process. We specialize in residential construction and have spent more than nine decades guiding homeowners through the building process. What sets us apart from other construction management firms in the area is we are actively on site building your home. Our team doesn't just manage your sub contractors from behind a desk, we physically pick up the tools and make your house a reality. When there are questions from a subcontractor, architect, engineer or building official, we can answer them without having to track down the person actually doing the work. This ensures a smoother process for everyone involved in the project.  


Consultation Phase

During Consultation we will discuss your vision for the project, your wish list items, and overall goals, so that we can deliver designs that match your needs and resources. As part of Consultation we will dive deep into how you live and enjoy spending time, this allows us to present ideas and features that will bring your dream home to life. We respect financial goals and will discuss budgets from the beginning. This enables us to only suggest features within your comfort zone. Once we have a clear budget and feature list it's time to move into the Design Phase. 


Design Phase

The Design Phase turns your ideas into real blueprints. Our team will schedule and guide you through meetings with the selected architect, interior designer, kitchen designer, lighting engineer, and landscape architect to ensure your vision is achieved in a holistic way.  Once we achieve alignment, all final blueprints will be sent for permitting, initiating the Construction Phase. 


Hands-On Construction Phase

Once permits are approved, our team will begin building your dream home. Whether that includes demolition of an existing property, lifting an existing structure, or starting from scratch, we'll be ready to go. Our team will oversee all areas of construction, including specialty trades, and handle much of the physical build internally. Keeping up to speed is easy whether you're around the corner or 3000 miles away, you'll be able to stay connected to your build through your Client Portal access. Within the portal you'll find photos, video tours, information on all of your selections, invoicing, and status sheets. Your team lead will schedule regular check-ins, either in person or virtually, to answer any questions you may have during the build. You are also able to initiate and track any change orders from within the portal. Once your build is complete and final permits are approved, it's time to welcome you home. 


Welcome Home

During our Welcome Home Phase our team spends time thoroughly cleaning the home before your arrival. We will meet with you onsite a few weeks before the keys are handed off to walk the property and discuss any Punch List items. This allows us to complete everything prior to move-in day. On move-in day we take the time to walk you through the property and answer any questions you may have. We like to maintain connections with you and are always an email or phone call away, if you need us. 

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